Using the GovBlocks Browser

Creating a proposal from the browser is as simple as adding a new blog post on a wordpress CMS. A member can click on 'Create Proposal’ in the left panel of the app dashboard under the ‘Proposals’ section.
Users can create uncategorized/categorized proposals. If a user selects a category and the category has an associated automated action with it, the user needs to submit the proposal with category specific parameters.
Proposals can be created within GovBlocks Browser or a proposal widget can be added to an external UI. Please follow steps at Create proposal Widget to enable proposal creation from your dApp UI.
A proposal created from the dApp UI works the same way as a proposal initiated from the GovBlocks Browser. The following can be noted in the screenshot below:
  1. 1.
    The proposal is categorized and open for voting with default incentive of 10 (as configured in this category)
  2. 2.
    Parameters specified for automatic action that shall be taken on acceptance of proposal.
  3. 3.
    Since the proposal was created with a solution, voting is in the accept/reject format.

Categorize proposals

Once the proposal is created, the next step is to assign a category for the proposal.
By default, the authorization to categorize a proposal is given to the Advisory Board. However, this can always be changed to any member role. Rewards will be decided based upon selected category.
The list of proposals available for categorization can be viewed at Proposals -> Categorize Proposal
By categorizing a proposal, it is automatically opened for solution submission.
Last modified 3yr ago