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Simple voting

Once a proposal is open for voting, users cast their vote. Users need to lock tokens in order to cast their vote. The value of a vote is determined by the following factors:
  1. 1.
    GovBlocks reputation of a user for that dApp
  2. 2.
    Financial stake locked by the user
Voting is done as per the configuration of the proposal category. The following screenshot highlights the role sequence (in this case voting is open for members only after it has been passed by advisory board).

Under development features

Multiple-option ranking with / without financial staking

To understand more about a member’s opinion, simple voting can be modified to include how the various voting options rank against each other. This gives a greater insight into where and to what degree the group preferences converge, rather than simply where they divide.

Feature weighted voting with / without financial staking

The extent to which members must compare opinions and preferences to reach a decision often requires a more in-depth analysis of the options at hand, especially in cases of strategic decisions.
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