Register your dApp
Registering a dApp on GovBlocks is a single step process:

Claim your company

Enter the name of the company, description along with token address of the dApp. GovBlocks allows integration of a dApp with an existing token. The protocol identifies all addresses holding dApp tokens as a part of the system, under the member role Token Holders.
We encourage the usage of lockable token standard - ERC1132 for encouraging participation in the network. If you have a token compliant with ERC1132, you can directly mention the token address.
If you have a token but it is not lockable, enter the existing token address and then click on "Create proxy token" button to create a proxy token.
If you do not have a token yet, you can create a lockable token for your application on the fly as well. Click on "Create lockable button" to create one.

Over to Dashboard

Once the creation of dApp is complete, you will be shown a screen with all the contracts generated for your dApp.
Once the company details are entered, an organization is created for the given dApp name.
Last modified 3yr ago