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What is GovBlocks?

We describe GovBlocks as an open, permissionless decision protocol that empowers dApps to define and operate any governance model at scale. It enables dApp developers to define, incentivize and manage their stakeholders and processes.
GovBlocks is built as a multifactorial governance framework that enables 1) configurable governance models for blockchain applications and 2) creation of a new class of management tools, classified as Decentralized Resource Planning tools for managing resources of a decentralized community.
It provides an enhanced and dynamic governance layer, capable of managing a large, varied and constantly growing range of factors of blockchain networks.
More details can be found in the Whitepaper


GovBlocks architecture is comprised of:

GovBlocks Protocol

Decision protocol written in solidity with key features of configurable member roles, reputation parameters, financial stake locking, incentives, optimized on-chain voting and decision implementation. dApps can use this protocol to configure governance models on a sliding-scale moving from loosely coupled to tightly coupled governance.
v0.7 of the protocol is available at

GovBlocks JS

Javascript wrapper around GovBlocks Protocol that can be used by businesses to move their decision making (and governance) on blockchain, while keeping the rest of the business off-chain.
Currently in v0.7 is available as a npm package - govblocksjs - 1.1.2.

GovBlocks Network Apps

Applications that use either the GovBlocks protocol or javascript wrapper.
v0.7 released on Kovan Test net -
GovBlocks Architecture v0.7


While this document will act a guide for anyone wishing to define their governance rules using GovBlocks, here is a list of resources for further reading and getting involved with the community:
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